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Why is hospital physical therapy important for your patients?

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Patients today have more options than ever for physical therapy, including outpatient clinics and dedicated inpatient facilities. If you're a hospital leader trying to juggle limited resources while still delivering exceptional patient care, you may even wonder if patients wouldn't be better served by an off-site provider. However, from reducing the risk of hospital readmissions to improving patient satisfaction, hospital physical therapy is extremely important for your patients.

No matter what patients are admitted for, from surgery to a traumatic injury, the recovery process needs to start as soon as possible. Physical therapists are absolutely essential to restoring function and mobility so patients can get back to regular activities. Receiving this care during a hospital stay helps patients start this journey as quickly as possible.

Benefits of working with a hospital physical therapy partner

Managing a hospital physical therapy department on a cost-effective basis can come with significant challenges. These include keeping your department staff with qualified therapists, having efficient workflows, staying compliant with a rapidly changing regulatory environment and minimizing claims denials to ensure revenue cycle integrity.

This is why many successful hospital physical therapy programs work with a dedicated partner to help administer their department. By leveraging the knowledge and resources of an organization that is focused on physical therapy, hospitals can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Decreased costs ” By eliminating the need for in-house resources, lowering the risk of costly fines and increasing efficiency, a physical therapy partner can help streamline your department.
  • Increased revenue ” Through expanded service offerings, better billing procedures and increased staff productivity, administrators can see their hospital physical therapy program become a positive contributor.
  • Improved patient experience ” Patients who are cared for by a highly trained and engaged staff will report better outcomes and overall experience.

It's important to find a physical therapy partner that will work to understand your facility's unique needs and provide solutions that are right-sized for your needs and budget.

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At Alliance PTP, we don’t just provide high-quality care at our physical therapy clinics; we also want to contribute to wider discussions around health care. Check out our podcast, Agile&Me, for more helpful information about physical therapy leadership.