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Why do I have pain from my ankle to my knee?

Pain From Ankle to Knee
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It’s estimated that about 1 in 4 people in the United States experience knee pain. Anywhere from 9% to 15% of the population in the U.S. experience ankle pain. Some people experience not one or the other but actually experience both simultaneously. If this describes you, keep reading below to find out more about possible causes and treatments for you.

What are some possible causes of pain from the ankle to the knee?

  • Bone fracture — Bone fractures to the shin can cause pain from the ankle to the knee because the shin is the bone that connects the two. When this bone becomes fractured, the pain may radiate down the length of the bone.
  • Tendinitis — The peroneal tendons are the tendons that run from the upper leg to the knee, ankle and foot. When these tendons become inflamed, pain can be felt down the length of the leg, knee, ankle and even in the foot.
  • Joint damage — Joint damage can cause pain in both the ankles and knees simultaneously. One possible reason for this is because of joint inflammation, like arthritis. You may have inflammation in both your knee and ankle joints that flare up at the same time and feel like they’re causing pain that is connected. Another possible joint-related scenario is where one of your joints becomes damaged or inflamed and you adjust your gait to avoid feeling the pain of an aggravated joint. This could cause muscle strain, ligament tears, or inflammation in other areas of your body that are a result of a joint being damaged or inflamed in a totally separate region.

How can physical therapy improve this type of pain?

  • Decreasing pain — Getting help from a physical therapist can decrease the pain you’re experiencing. They work within your pain threshold to guide you through the exercises you need to heal your ankle and knee without aggravating them or causing you any additional pain.
  • Improving muscle strength — PT is a great way to improve muscle strength in the body, especially near problem areas like the ankle and knee. The muscles protect your joints, tendons, bones and plenty of other tissue in the body. Improved strength can minimize pain from the ankle to the knee and reduce the possibility of future pain in these areas.
  • Protecting tendons, ligaments and joints — Physical therapy can help protect the tendons, ligaments, and joints in your ankle and knee, protecting you from further pain. The exercises performed during physical therapy can not only build muscle strength but also protect the tendons, ligaments and joints that may be vulnerable to injury. It can also improve support to this tissue and gradually correct any imbalances that may be causing pain from the ankle to the knee.
  • Boosting flexibility — An added benefit of going to physical therapy to address the pain that you’re feeling from your ankle to your knee is boosted flexibility from exercises that you’ll perform in your sessions. Your muscles may be able to stretch further to meet your physical demands and improve the mobility of your ankle and knee.
  • Improving range of motion — A physical therapist will work with you to help you improve your range of motion. The exercises and movements that are performed under the guidance of an experienced physical therapist can, over time, increase the range of motion in targeted areas. This enhanced ease of movement may reduce discomfort or stiffness that may occur when moving certain parts of the body.
  • Improving quality of life — Overall, getting physical therapy for the pain you feel in your ankle and knee is important for a better quality of life. PT has the potential to increase your independence and mobility when utilized to reap each of the benefits listed above. Whether you experience just one or all of the advantages listed above, your quality of life is bound to improve.

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