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What you should know about myokinesthetic therapy before you have it

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Myokinesthetic therapy is a type of treatment often utilized by physical therapists to address specific or localized areas of pain within the nervous system. This approach was first developed by Dr. Michael Uriarte at the Myokinesthetic Therapy Institute nearly 20 years ago. For decades, this technique has provided patients with relief and restored function. It is a noninvasive intervention strategy used to pinpoint specific areas on the body that may be painful or have limited mobility. Research suggests that this treatment is an effective means of relief for a variety of patients. If your physical therapist has recommended that you incorporate myokinesthetic therapy into your treatment plan, there are three things you should know before moving forward.

3 things to know about myokinesthetic therapy

  • It's an effective treatment for pain Studies conducted to determine the efficacy of myokinesthetic therapy as a treatment alternative for those with low back pain found that it was an effective option. Sample patients reported improved overall pain, mobility and function in their lower back regions. The results lasted for a minimum of one month for all patients involved.
  • It can improve your posture ” This type of therapy can also help improve poor posture, which can both be a symptom of pain and the cause. When you experience discomfort in a region of your body, for instance, a muscle in your lower back, you may avoid using this muscle by slouching or curving your posture in an abnormal way. Myokinesthetic therapy can specifically address imbalanced muscles and strengthen them so that your posture improves as a result.
  • It addresses dysfunctional nerves ” Myokinesthetic therapy can be helpful for those who are managing nerve dysfunction. It is designed to stimulate muscles so that nerve endings become activated. Nerve activation can be beneficial for those with bad posture, diabetic neuropathy and a variety of other health conditions.

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