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What is a therapy service partner?

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Therapy management service refers to working with an outside service partner that works with hospitals in several key ways. Since physical therapy is such a highly specialized field, many hospitals, especially those with limited resources, can benefit from leveraging the expertise and resources of a dedicated organization.

Patients who are in the recovery process for any number of reasons, from surgery to auto injury, require physical therapy no matter what hospital they are admitted to. By working with a therapy service provider, facilities can leverage focused expertise that scales to a wide range of budgetary and operational needs.

Indicators that a therapy service provider can help you

Compared to other hospital service lines, physical therapy has a unique set of workflows, regulations and billing practices, not to mention patient care methodologies. For hospital administrators, it can be challenging to manage a patient-friendly program on a cost-effective basis.

If you're looking to optimize in these following areas, it's highly likely that a therapy services partner can help:

  • Achieving regulatory compliance
  • Streamlining systems of work and billing practices
  • Strategic planning and program development
  • Improving patient satisfaction
  • Recruiting and staff development

Therapy services should be about more than outsourcing to another organization; it should be about building a functional, long-term relationship with a partner that understands your program's needs.

Experience the Alliance difference

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners has developed lasting relationships with hospitals across the United States. With our expertise in the above areas, our proprietary systems and our dedication to patient care, we've been helping physical, speech and occupational therapy departments achieve their goals for decades. Don't take our word for it; here's what just one of our satisfied partners had to say:

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners have proven to be an effective partner in operating and managing the complete portfolio of the therapy services offerings for our hospital. Their unique systems of work provide an unparalleled blend of clinical expertise, technology and reproducible workflows. Our relationship has produced predictable and measurable clinical, operational and financial performance. Our employee engagement scores for Rehab Services are at the top of all of our hospital departments. These people understand the importance of a respectful work environment and practice it every day.

” John MacLeod, board member and former CEO, Mercy Hospital Cadillac

To learn more and schedule an assessment of your facility's inpatient therapy program, contact us today.