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What is a partnership with an occupational therapy provider?

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Since occupational therapy is a specialty of therapy and rehabilitation services primarily focused on helping patients gain, or regain, the ability to perform essential tasks, receiving this treatment while still admitted in a hospital can be highly beneficial. However, for many hospitals, delivering this service on a cost-effective basis can be a difficult accomplishment. This is where a contract occupational therapist can help. You can benefit from outsourcing to the resources and knowledge of a larger organization that can scale the costs to any size facility and operational budget.

Finding a contract occupational therapy partner

The main reason to provide occupational therapy on an inpatient basis is to help patients during the recovery process from conditions ranging from strokes to spinal cord injuries. In almost any case, the sooner that patients can begin rehabilitation and resumption of normal activities, the better chances they will have of a positive outcome. A contract occupational therapist can help your therapy department provide this essential service from a trained and qualified professional. Additionally, occupational therapy can be a source of revenue for your hospital, if it's properly administered. Instead of referring patients to an off-site facility, a contract occupational therapist can allow you to perform this billable service at your hospital. However, as a specialized field, occupational therapy comes with unique requirements in the following areas:

  • Documentation of services
  • Billing
  • Staying compliant with regulations
  • Continuing education
  • Program development

These are all aspects that a contract occupational therapy service provider can assist your hospital administrative team with.

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