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What is an outsourced therapy partner?

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An outsourced therapy partner is someone who is outsourced by a company to provide rehabilitation services to the company's patients. Many hospitals choose to operate their rehabilitation department by partnering with a team of outsourced therapy providers in order to provide treatment to patients while still keeping their overhead costs low.

Specifically, smaller hospitals that do not have the financial or administrative bandwidth to hire several therapists opt for an outsourced solution that provides services to their current patients and establishes a new stream of revenue as the rehabilitation team also drives new patients to the hospital for treatment.

What are the benefits of choosing an outsourced therapy partner?

Physical, speech and occupational therapy is the key to moving your patients from treatment to healing, and it is a major determining factor for overall patient satisfaction. Hospitals that want to succeed must offer rehabilitation services to their patients. However, the overhead costs of hiring plus the administrative costs of scheduling and coordinating services with other medical staff and patients create a significant expense that most smaller hospitals cannot manage.

Contact physical, speech and occupational therapy services allow hospitals to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • A greater comprehensive patient experience proven to increase your patient satisfaction rating
  • Reduced overhead costs by outsourcing labor
  • Lower administrative costs by allowing the outsourced team to be managed externally
  • A strategic marketing plan designed to bring more patients to our partnered services
  • Dedicated compliance and regulation officers to keep your physical, speech and occupational therapy services operating efficiently
  • Turnkey solution to growing market share and improving performance

Additionally, a successful rehabilitation service will reduce the number of costly readmissions to your hospital, as well as increase revenue by providing a new marketable service.

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we have more than 50 years of experience working with hospitals to implement teams of outsourced therapy providers in order to reduce the burden of cost and labor that smaller hospitals are faced with. To learn more about how we can help you improve your overall patient satisfaction rating, reduce costly readmissions and potentially increase revenue, contact our team today.