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What is an occupational therapy consultant contract?

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By helping patients learn and relearn essential skills needed to perform daily activities, occupational therapy is a critical step in the recovery process for many conditions, from a stroke to traumatic injury. Because it is such a specialized field, many hospitals turn to partners and organizations with a dedicated focus on therapy services, including occupational therapy. Whether a facility is starting or growing an occupational therapy program, working with a consultant can provide valuable insight into the areas that hospital leadership can focus on while providing practical solutions to achieve their goals. To give you a better understanding of what to expect, we've created the following guide to what an occupational therapy consultant contract can potentially cover for your hospital.

What aspects of service can an occupational therapy consultant contract cover?

Occupational therapy consultants should provide services that are customized to the individual needs of each hospital, so each contract will be different. For example, a facility looking to build a program from the ground up will have different needs than one that is looking to streamline or grow an existing department. For most clients, an occupational therapy consultant will generally evaluate and make recommendations in the following areas:

  • Staffing needs ” How many occupational therapists does this facility need, and what kind of background and experience should they have based on the patient profile?
  • Operational needs ” Are there improvements that can be made to how services are performed and documented? For a new program, what are the best workflows and performance management systems for this hospital?
  • Strategic and marketing needs ” What range of services should be offered, and is there opportunity for expansion in existing programs? How do you communicate internally and externally so patients and staff alike are knowledgeable and informed about your occupational therapy services?

The right occupational therapy consultant can help your hospital develop a program that is the best fit for your hospital and is a positive contributor to revenue, operational efficiency and patient satisfaction.

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