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What to expect when your hospital partners with a physical therapy service provider

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Hospitals turn to physical therapy service providers to help manage their therapy programs and stay within operational and budgetary constraints. A properly run and patient-focused physical therapy program can be a positive contributor to your hospital and, more importantly, lead to improved outcomes for the people under your care. The right physical therapy partner can work with you to overcome some of the most common challenges faced by hospital leaders and reach your strategic goals.  

If you're looking to understand what a hospital partner can do to help your program, read on to learn more.  

A physical therapy provider can help you achieve these key goals

After a thorough assessment of your hospital's physical therapy department, an experienced partner can help you develop an action plan to achieve the following goals:  

  • Increase patient satisfaction” By removing inefficiencies and focusing on care, your patients can receive a higher level of treatment that promotes their long-term health and functioning.  
  • Improve compliance ” Industry regulations change frequently, and a dedicated physical therapy organization has the personnel and resources to help your department stay compliant.  
  • Streamline workflows ” Better systems can mean decreased recruiting costs, smoother patient interactions and fewer billing errors.  
  • Increase revenue ” Taking steps such as upgrading software combined with greater efficiency can help your hospital increase its reimbursement rate from payers.  
  • Attract and retain the right talent ” By gaining access to talent networks and refining recruiting and training programs, you can build a team geared toward long-term success.  

The right solutions vary from hospital to hospital, but physical therapy partners can typically take steps such as expanding service offerings, implementing more efficient workflows, upgrading systems, and optimizing recruiting and staff development practices. Since every program is different and faces different challenges, it's so important to find a physical therapy service provider you can build a strong relationship with. At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we're committed to treating our partners like family through clear communication and transparent solutions.  

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Alliance is confident that we have the knowledge and resources that your hospital's physical therapy program can leverage for success. We're happy to help you schedule an assessment with one of our consultants to identify the biggest areas of focus for your program. Contact us today to learn more.

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