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What is contract therapy?

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Contract therapy, also known as outsourced therapy, is a service where a hospital or other facility can work with a dedicated therapy provider on a contractual basis. The type and scope of services provided can vary widely, based on the needs of the hospital and the specific contract therapy organization.   Specific service lines can include both physical therapy and rehabilitation as well as occupational and speech therapies. Contract therapy providers can help hospitals with all aspects of therapy as well, from strategic planning, staffing support, performance management, marketing strategy and compliance assistance.  

Why do hospitals work with contract therapy services?

Running a physical therapy and rehabilitation unit in a hospital requires specific expertise and resources. Many hospitals, particularly critical access facilities in rural areas, struggle to provide this integral part of patient care on a cost-effective basis. From keeping the unit properly staffed with qualified therapists to charting services correctly to comply with regulations and receive full reimbursement, hospital leadership can become overwhelmed with meeting these requirements.       By working with the right contract therapy service, hospitals can receive practical guidance for achieving the following goals:

  • Higher patient satisfaction  
  • Access to qualified talent
  • Cost savings through decreased administrative overhead
  • Increased revenue
  • Expanded service offerings  

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners has decades of experience and results helping hospitals achieve these and other goals with contract therapy.  

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At Alliance PTP, we don’t just provide high-quality care at our physical therapy clinics; we also want to contribute to wider discussions around health care. Check out our podcast, Agile&Me, for more helpful information about physical therapy leadership.