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What are the benefits of outsourced occupational therapy?

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Most hospitals recognize the importance of providing occupational therapy to patients under their care. After experiencing a serious injury or recovering from surgery, patients need to begin their journey back to normal activity as soon as possible. Having an occupational therapy unit on site allows for a continuity of care that gets patients learning the skills they need from day one.  

The challenge for many hospitals is that there are many unique administrative requirements that come with managing therapeutic services such as occupational therapy. From recruiting and staffing to remaining compliant with specialized regulations, hospital leaders dealing with limited budgets and resources have to face either compromising the level of service or not providing occupational therapy to patients.  

How outsourcing occupational therapy can be a cost effective solution

This is why hospitals are increasingly turning to outsourced occupational therapy services with   contract providers. A dedicated organization can provide a larger scale of expertise and resources that hospitals can leverage. By outsourcing occupational therapy, hospitals can gain the following benefits:

  • Less administrative overhead
  • Access to recruiting and talent networks
  • Industry-specific knowledge on best practices
  • Compliance and billing support for increased revenue

Working with a contract therapy services provider means your hospital administration is able to focus more on your core service lines without sacrificing the quality of this essential step in the recovery process.  

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners provides occupational therapy outsourcing

Alliance is a leader in the contract therapy services sector and we have over 50 years of experience in this field. We can help you achieve a high level of care in occupational therapy that is in line with the size of your facility and your budgetary needs. To achieve this, Alliance brings the resources and knowledge to develop therapy programs that align with your medical practices and meet the needs of your community and patients. We also offer our partners proprietary workflow and EMR systems as well as access to top talent in the occupational therapy field.  

To learn more, contact us today. Our team can provide an assessment of your current programs and recommendations about which of our services can help your facility.