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What are the advantages of going to a McKenzie Method ® physical therapist near me?

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Did you overdo it a little while doing yardwork, and how you have an aching back as a result? Or, are you still experiencing a stiff neck from that car accident you were in? What about that elbow pain you feel after work every day? If any of these sound familiar, you will need to get to the bottom of your pain before you can treat it. An accurate diagnosis of the exact cause of your musculoskeletal pain is vital for effective pain management. That's where the McKenzie Method can help.

The McKenzie Method is an exercise-based approach that a physical therapist can use for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of pain. This method is used to treat many common musculoskeletal conditions, including:

  • Hip disorders.
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation.
  • Knee and leg pain.
  • Arm, wrist and hand pain.

Physical therapists who employ the McKenzie Method in their treatment use a four-step process to help diagnose and treat their patients. These four steps are assessment, classification, treatment and prevention. This approach to physical therapy has many benefits for both patients and providers alike.

What are the advantages of the McKenzie Method?

The McKenzie Method has many advantages for patients who are recovering from an injury or suffering from a musculoskeletal condition.

  • Reliable diagnoses ” Physical therapists who use the McKenzie Method are trained to diagnose the cause of a patient's pain as accurately as possible. Using a number of tests, they determine whether the problem is due to a mechanical influence, a medical influence, biopsychosocial influences or some combination of the three.
  • Patient empowerment ” The method leans heavily on self-treatment by the patient. This helps build a strong relationship between the patient and the provider. It also helps reduce the number of visits necessary during treatment.
  • Better outcomes for patients ” Patients who are treated using this method typically require fewer surgeries and have better outcomes than those who are treated with exercise alone.
  • Lower rates of recurrence ” Patients who have been educated in the self-treatment that this method encourages are better able to recognize the signs of recurrence. They can then initiate self-treatment before the problem becomes worse.

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