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Top physical therapy outsourcing program in Arizona

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Physical therapy outsourcing can become a serious consideration for hospitals seeking to provide high-quality onsite physical therapy and rehabilitative services while meeting operational and budgetary goals. Many hospitals in Arizona are challenged to provide the level of care that patients deserve in an era of ever-tightening budgets and increasingly complex health care systems.

While delivering an inpatient physical therapy program can be highly beneficial to the recovery process, it can also come with many challenges that are difficult for certain hospitals in Arizona to meet. This can include maintaining proper staffing levels, remaining compliant with the best regulatory and billing practices and staying current with equipment and training.

Physical therapy outsourcing programs can help hospitals overcome these hurdles by providing a cost-effective solution that leverages the expertise and resources of a large, specialized organization.

Benefits a top physical therapy outsourcing program can provide

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is a leading provider of outsourced physical therapy programs, bringing more than 50 years of experience to the table. We can help hospitals in Arizona with:

  • Staffing ” We have relationships with top physical therapists to help make sure your facility can recruit and hire qualified talent at the right level.
  • Compliance ” We have proprietary systems and proven work models that ensure your physical therapy and rehabilitation meets regulatory and billing standards.
  • Program development ” We can assess your performance and recommend new offerings and market opportunities to help you stay competitive and increase revenue.
  • Performance management software ” This tool can assist your hospital in managing therapy services' performance in real time.

By outsourcing with a contract physical therapy provider, hospitals have the potential to achieve a high-caliber physical therapy program at a budget and administrative workload that is custom-tailored for any size facility.

Alliance provides an excellent outsourcing program for Arizona hospitals

If you're an Arizona hospital considering the benefits of outsourcing your physical therapy services, Alliance can help you form a productive partnership. Our proven expertise and industry track record can keep up with the changes in this specialized field so your administration and leadership can focus on your core business. More importantly, together we can ensure that more patients have access to the resources they need for a healthy recovery.

To learn more, contact us today. We can provide an assessment of your current physical therapy program and provide solutions that are right for you.