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The top 5 abilities PT practices are looking for in an insurance verification specialist

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As an insurance verification specialist, it is your job to make sure patients are properly insured before they have access to the physical therapy services at your clinic. This is a vitally important role within a clinic. Every patient has different needs, as well as different coverage. You help the patient access the care they need. You also make sure that your clinic receives the reimbursement that it is owed for its services. Your other duties usually include:

  • Helping patients understand their insurance coverage.
  • Updating patient information.
  • Filling out billing documentation.
  • Keeping records.
  • Assisting the clinic director or front end staff.

The physical therapy sector has been steadily growing over the past decade. However, experts are expecting record growth in the future due to rising health care costs across the board. Since outpatient physical therapy is often a more affordable choice, more and more patients are discovering the benefits that physical therapy can offer.

The majority of a physical therapy clinic's revenue comes from insurance. This includes commercial health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and workers' compensation insurance. As clinics continue to grow, they will need professionals like you to make sure that the financial needs of both the clinic and its patients are met.

Do I need certification to work as an insurance verification specialist?

Most clinics require an insurance verification specialist to hold an associate's or bachelor's degree. There is usually no further certification needed for this job. However, some organizations offer certificates for insurance verification specialists. These training courses are designed to prepare you for your role.

Earning a certificate lets employers know that you are serious. It shows that you are prepared to take on the responsibilities of an insurance verification specialist. Many of these courses are available completely online, and are usually very affordable.

How do I find a job as an insurance verification specialist?

There is a specific skill set that employers will be looking for when hiring an insurance verification specialist. If this is the career path you want to pursue, then these five skills are the ones most recommended by experts to have:

  1. Organizational skills ” Strong organizational skills are a must for an insurance verification specialist. You will be responsible for large amounts of patient data that is important to their care. Failure to keep things in order can cost both the patient and your clinic a lot of money.
  1. Communication skills ” Being a good communicator is one of the most important skills that this job requires. You are responsible for making sure that patients understand their coverage. You also help patients understand the options that are available to them in the event that their care won't be covered by insurance. It is also your job to communicate with insurance companies on behalf of your patient and your clinic.
  1. Knowledge of physical therapy ” Providing physical therapy care to patients should be left to the experts. However, an in-depth knowledge of the services that your clinic provides is important. This will help you to answer questions that patients might have regarding the kinds of treatments that are available to them. It will also help you to understand which treatments a patient's insurance will cover.
  1. Ability to use technology ” Computer use is a large part of the job of an insurance verification specialist, but it is not the only tool at your disposal. The use of mobile apps for both patients and providers has increased over the past few years.

Many patients use these applications to communicate with your clinic, pay for their services, and upload remote monitoring data. The ability to use all forms of modern office and communication technology is an important part of keeping your clinic on track.

  1. Adaptability ” The health care field is constantly changing. New laws and regulations are implemented every year, and it is important to make sure that your clinic stays compliant. What works one year might not be good enough the next, so it is up to you to make sure that you continue to follow the correct procedures as they change.

Where is the best place to find work as an insurance verification specialist?

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