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Time is Money

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Time is Money

Educating patients, a parent of a patient, or a caregiver is essential when providing therapy services. Whether it's teaching a home exercise program or various activities outside of the hospital or clinic (such as transfers, dressing, bathing, feeding, or getting up and down steps), it can require a significant amount of a therapist's time.

Here's what you need to know:Image removed.

  • This time is billable time as long as it requires the unique skills of a therapist, or an assistant under the supervision of a therapist.
  • Once the therapist or assistant has taught the patient or caregiver what to do, they have returned demonstration, and they have deemed to be competent in doing it correctly - that training no longer requires the skills of a therapist or an assistant to provide and the billing period should end.
  • There is no specific CPT code to use for education and training.
  • When instructing the patient or caregiver in a home exercise program or training, use the CPT code that best describes the focus of the activity.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners has a robust compliance and operations team that educates our partners on proper billing practices and the use of appropriate CPT Codes. Contact us today to start improving your billing accuracy.

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