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Three ways you can lower health care labor costs with a physical therapy partner

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Hospitals today are constantly looking for ways to lower health care labor costs while still providing exceptional patient care. While budgets are seemingly getting tighter every year, most hospital leaders understand that sacrificing patient care for a reduced bottom line can lead to a downward spiral that doesn't benefit anyone. However, by finding true opportunities for operational efficiency, it's actually possible to improve patient experience while reducing costs.

Your physical therapy department is a perfect example of this. Since it is such a specialized field, physical therapy is a discipline where hospital leaders with a more generalized background can find themselves challenged to manage resources on the most cost-effective basis. This is where a skilled and experienced physical therapy partner can help.

Working with a physical therapy partner to lower your health care labor costs

Here are some of the ways a qualified partner can help you identify opportunities for streamlining operations and reducing your payroll:

  1. Eliminating unnecessary positions ” By utilizing the resources of a dedicated organization, hospitals can often reduce payroll by eliminating administrative roles.
  2. Increasing productivity ” A physical therapy partner can implement systems and workflows that are more efficient and allow your therapists to do more work in less time.
  3. Reducing turnover ” With access to top talent and better training systems, hospitals can lower their costly turnover rates and build teams that help maintain operational excellence over the long term.

Instead of blind cost-cutting, a qualified physical therapy partner can help you find the efficiencies that actually strengthen your program. Finding the right organization can help you achieve positive return on your investment in a short period of time.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can help you reduce health care labor costs effectively

We've been building lasting relationships with our hospital partners for decades. Our satisfied clients include executives from hospitals of all sizes, budgets and locations. We're happy to provide a detailed assessment of your physical therapy program to identify your biggest opportunities to reduce cost and improve performance.

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