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Three ways a therapy management consultant can help your department

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Physical, speech and occupational therapy departments are essential components of a fully functioning hospital. Patients who receive therapy services during a hospital stay can get ahead on their recovery process and receive several important benefits. While there are numerous operational challenges that come with administering your program, both inpatient and outpatient therapy can be an important source of revenue if managed properly.

With that being said, physical therapy is a highly specialized service line and many hospital executives find themselves needing assistance when it comes to running a streamlined and high-performing department. This is where a therapy management consultant can be a resource for your hospital. A qualified consultant with the right background can bring a wealth of knowledge to help you develop a winning strategy for your program.

Need help in these areas? It might be time to work with a therapy management consultant

Here are three of the common areas where a consultant can help your leadership team develop an effective strategy for your physical, speech and occupational therapy departments:

  1. Compliance ” Just like other service lines, inpatient therapy has a complex and stringent set of regulations that your department needs to comply with. A consultant allows you to leverage their specialized, industry-specific knowledge.
  2. Proprietary systems ” If your department needs systems support, a consultant can help you upgrade everything from software to workflow systems in order to ensure your therapy team is operating at peak efficiency.
  3. Staffing ” Turnover is a challenge that affects many hospital therapy departments. A management consultant should be able to bring access to top recruiting networks and help you attract the best talent.

The veteran therapy management consultants at Alliance Physical Therapy Partners have decades of experience helping numerous hospitals and hospital networks across the country in these and other areas.

Work with a management consultant you can trust

Are you ready to reach your department goals with a partner that understands how to help hospital leaders build high-functioning teams? Reach out to us today and we'll be glad to schedule an assessment of your current program.