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Three ways physical therapy outsourcing improves communication

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Clear and consistent communication is essential to a high-performing hospital. From hospital leadership to doctors, nurses, physical therapists and support staff, everyone plays a role in making sure that a clear message of care is delivered to both patients and other team members. However, in situations where time and staffing levels are limited resources, communication can become a challenge.

This can be especially true for therapy and rehabilitation units, where hospital administrators often face challenges in managing the unique operational and personnel needs that come with it. However, to ensure that patients are receiving the continuity of care they deserve, smooth communication must occur between a physical therapy team and other service lines.

A solution for hospitals, particularly critical access facilities in remote areas, is physical therapy outsourcing. By working with an organization that is solely dedicated to all aspects of physical therapy, including communication, you can have a smoother-running therapy department that can spill over into other areas.

Here are some tangible benefits from better communication

Outsourced physical therapy can improve communication for your facility in the following ways:

  1. Better documentation ” In addition to staffing support, contract physical therapy services can also offer solutions in workflow systems and electronic medical records (EMR) software. This leads to better documentation of services that can improve compliance and billing.
  2. Increased communication with patients ” Having the right service and personnel levels means a less stressed staff that is better able to take the time to explain services to patients and provide education.
  3. Smoother interfacing with administration ” Outsourcing physical therapy shifts much of the administrative burden to an outside organization that is dedicated to managing therapists. This means proven communications in the areas of training, performance management and development.

To receive the greatest communication benefits, you should look for a physical therapy outsourcing partner who believes in personal relationships and developing custom-tailored solutions to the hospitals they work with.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners ” communication is our foundation

At Alliance, we're passionate about providing the highest-quality therapy services for our hospital partners, and we believe this relationship needs to be built on solid communication. That's why we work to fully understand the needs of each facility we work with on an individualized basis so we know how to provide smooth and effective solutions.

For an assessment of your therapy program and more information about how we can help you improve operations and patient satisfaction, contact us today.