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Three signs your hospital may benefit from outsourced therapy services

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Most large hospitals offer in-house physical, speech and occupational therapy services as part of a comprehensive patient journey. After all, you have helped the patient overcome the first part of treatment, whether that was surgery or recovery from a stroke or accident. You want to be there to help them through the next part, which is rehabilitating back to a functioning quality of life.

However, there are several reasons why smaller hospitals are not able to provide outsourced therapy services, such as overhead expenses and administrative bandwidth to manage another section in the hospital. But that doesn't mean that your patient journey has to be cut short. Partnering with a company that offers outsourced therapy services will allow you to continue rehabilitating your patients without sacrificing your overhead expenses or limited manpower.

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners (Alliance PTP), we have partnered with hospitals for over 50 years to bring outsourced therapy services to patients. We understand the hesitancies that you may have about outsourcing, but we have also seen the benefits in revenue and patient experience when these outsourced therapy services are utilized. Our outsourced physical, speech and occupational therapy provides solutions to the three most common issues that hospitals face when building an in-house rehabilitation team:

  1. Recruiting and hiring qualified and credentialed physical therapists can be difficult in certain regions, such as rural areas.
  1. Properly documenting and charting services provided, especially if other clinical staff such as nurses are performing rehabilitation duties.
  1. Physical, speech and occupational therapy also has a different set of regulatory expectations that require management to keep up with in order to stay compliant.

Our outsourced therapy services include a strategic marketing plan to help drive more patients to your door for our partnered services. It will also provide you with immediate access to our turnkey solution to growing market share and improving patient satisfaction.

To learn more about our outsourced therapy services, contact our team at Alliance PTP today.

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