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Three mistakes hospitals make with physical therapy programs

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Running a physical therapy program can be challenging for any hospital executive. Common hurdles include attracting and retaining qualified therapists, staying compliant with regulatory requirements, keeping up with advances in the field and upgrading legacy systems, just to name a few. These challenges can be particularly amplified with smaller hospitals, rural hospitals and hospitals with limited budgets.  

No matter what the situation, though, patients deserve the same level of care no matter what hospital they are admitted to. And physical therapy is an essential part of the treatment and recovery process for so many conditions. Therapy is absolutely critical to helping people heal and regain basic mobility, which can contribute to positive outcomes and long-term health. Fortunately with some help, it's possible for any hospital executive to build a high-performing physical therapy department that benefits your patients and hospital alike.  

Avoiding these common mistakes is a great foundation for your hospital's physical therapy program

If you're looking to improve the overall quality of your hospital's physical therapy program, here are some pitfalls to avoid:  

  1. Not upgrading systems ” Outdated software and processes can be a drain on your productivity and, more importantly, your ability to deliver exceptional patient care. By upgrading and streamlining your department, you can truly do more with less.  
  2. Not focusing on staff retention ” Turnover is a fact of life in the health care field, and every field for that matter, but it can cost your hospital in the long run. By attracting the right talent in the first place and focusing on their long-term development, you can ensure continuity in your physical therapy department.  
  3. Not planning for the future ” Physical therapy is always changing, and the most successful departments have plans in place to expand service offerings and keep up with the latest developments. While it can seem difficult to even be ready for the next day ” let alone the next year ” if you don't stay ahead of the curve, you run the risk of not being able to provide the care your patients expect.  

Avoiding these mistakes can help you not only increase patient satisfaction, but also streamline productivity to help your hospital achieve its operational goals. Choosing an experienced and proven hospital physical therapy partner is an effective option for optimizing your program on a cost-effective basis.  

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can help you avoid common therapy department mistakes

From upgrading your systems with industry standard workflows and state-of-the-art management software to attracting the top talent, Alliance has the physical therapy expertise and knowledge you need. For decades, we've been helping hospitals build winning physical therapy departments by building long-term relationships built on trust, respect and solid communication. Start your journey with us by contacting our team today to schedule a thorough assessment of your program needs.

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