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Three indicators that your hospital could benefit from contracted physical therapy services

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Many hospitals today are choosing to outsource their physical therapy and rehabilitation services with a contracted partner. Benefits can include reduced costs, increased revenue and, most importantly, a better experience for patients going through the recovery process.

In our modern health care environment, hospitals are under more pressure than ever to run efficiently. In an era of growing patient populations, rapidly changing systems, tighter budgets and emerging health concerns, hospital executives and administrations are often forced to make difficult decisions to deliver the level of care that is expected.

Onsite physical therapy programs are often difficult to maintain due to their unique operational and staffing needs that they bring. Before reducing the budget for your physical therapy and rehabilitation unit, or discontinuing it altogether, consider the potential benefits of working with a contracted physical therapy services provider, such as Alliance Physical Therapy Partners.

Here are three indicators that your hospital could benefit from our services:

  1. Difficulty recruiting and hiring qualified physical therapists -  Hospitals in smaller markets and more remote areas often have a smaller pool of talent to choose from, especially when it comes to finding credentialed and experienced physical therapists. Working with Alliance means access to our connections with top physical therapy talent. We will ensure that you always have appropriate and qualified staffing levels.
  1. Your leadership is stretched thin trying to keep up with regulations and best practices for physical therapy -  Managing a physical therapy program has different requirements than other departments in your hospital and keeping up with the industry can present an administrative burden for some hospitals. Alliance brings decades of best practices and tested systems of work that our partners can leverage so they can put their efforts into other areas.
  1. Challenges with documentation and billing reimbursements -  If you're relying on inexperienced physical therapists, or even other clinical staff, to document rehabilitative treatment on outdated systems, there's a good chance you're going to run into problems with compliance and reimbursements. Alliance offers our contracted physical therapy partners a dedicated compliance team who can help with documentation and billing practices. We have also developed proprietary rehab performance management software that is compatible with all major EMR systems.

Find out how Alliance can work with your hospital

If even one of these indicators is affecting your facility, there is a good chance we have a solution that fits your budget and patient care model. Contact us today for a performance assessment of your therapy program.