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Three groups your physical therapy strategy needs to consider

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Physical therapy is experiencing a boom. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of physical therapists is expected to grow 34% by 2024 compared to 10 years prior. While this is great for the field as a whole, and great for patients who need the help of a therapist, it also results in a competitive marketplace. Patients in need of physical therapy have more options than ever before, including hospital departments, dedicated inpatient rehabilitation facilities and outpatient clinics.

Patients who have been admitted to the hospital because of injury or illness and who have received treatments up to and including major surgery can receive significant benefits by getting this care sooner rather than later. Physical therapy can help jump-start the recovery process by getting joints and soft tissue mobilized and blood flowing.

Importance of strategic development for physical therapy

As a hospital leader and stakeholder in your facility's physical therapy program, it's critical to have a clear strategic growth plan to remain competitive. From expanded service offerings to staff planning, you not only need to know how you're going to grow, but who this strategy is for.

Here are three of the most important groups to consider when developing a strategic growth plan for your physical therapy department:

  1. Your current patients ” Like much medical care, physical therapy is something that most people don't think about until they need it. Physical therapy services should reflect your patient profile to increase utilization. Additionally, the patients under your care should have an awareness and understanding of their treatment options.
  2. Potential patients ” An effective strategy should also focus on building awareness among the general public about the benefits of inpatient physical therapy for hospital patients. This can be accomplished through community outreach, educational opportunities and marketing efforts.
  3. Your internal staff ” It's critical for your other service lines, from physicians to nurses, to understand how physical therapy interfaces with the care process. Strategic growth for your department should be a comprehensive organizational effort that stresses education and encourages buy-in from your entire staff.

Due to the highly specialized nature of physical therapy, many hospitals turn to the expertise of a dedicated organization to assist them in developing a strategic growth plan.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can help you

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners offers a wide range of services for hospital physical therapy programs, including strategic support and growth planning. We have decades of industry-focused experience and can help understand the needs of your hospital and your patients to develop the right strategy for your physical therapy department.

Want to learn more about how we can help? Contact us today and ask for an assessment of your program by one of our clinical leadership team members.