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Therapy management: getting the support you need

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It's commonly understood among hospital administrators that managing physical, speech and occupational therapy departments comes with a number of unique challenges. However, it's important to understand the key role that delivering inpatient therapy services can play in ensuring successful patient outcomes.

What's more, properly managed and administered therapy departments can be easily overlooked sources of revenue. To help maximize the performance of therapy programs, many hospitals are turning to dedicated partners that specialize in working with hospitals. To help you decide if this course of action is right for your facility, it can be highly beneficial to understand the specific elements that a therapy partner can offer.

Working with a partner to optimize your therapy management

Hospitals can find the assistance they need in these areas by working with a strategic partner:

  • Streamlining costs ” From reallocating administrative resources to reducing paperwork and minimizing claim denials, the right organization can help you operate on a leaner budget.
  • Program development ” A partner can help identify growth opportunities and service offerings that could be the right fit for your hospital, including adding new service lines and expanding specialty service offerings.
  • Compliance strength ” A therapy administration and management company can offer dedicated resources and knowledge to help you stay compliant in an always-changing regulatory environment.
  • Staff support ” Recruiting, hiring, training and developing a top-quality staff requires industry-specific expertise that can be supplied from a dedicated organization.

If any of the above areas are opportunities for your hospital's therapy program, it's likely you could benefit from assistance with and therapy management services.

50 years of industry-specific experience

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners has built a network of long-lasting hospital partnerships across the United States. We'll help you develop a winning strategy that keeps an unwavering focus on positive patient outcomes while being right-sized for your operational needs.

If you want to learn more about what a true therapy administration and management partner can do for your hospital, contact us today. We can schedule a full assessment of your program and offerings to find out we can help.