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Therapy contracting services and exceptional patient care

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Every patient who enters your facility deserves the highest level of care. Whether they come in for a minor injury or major surgery, the goal of any health care provider is to give people the best chance of a positive outcome and a return to full functionality. Physical therapy and rehabilitation play a crucial role in this process, and there is strong evidence that it can produce better outcomes and reduce costly hospital readmissions rates.

By helping restore mobility and functioning, therapists can help the body's natural healing process for a wide range of issues, including hip fractures, strokes, surgical recovery and automobile accidents. Having a fully functioning therapy department   not only helps your patients, but it helps the medical professionals in your other service lines.

Here's how therapy contracting services can take your patient care to the next level

As many hospital administrators know, providing quality therapy services is often easier said than done. Therapy programs come with their own set of unique challenges that can be difficult to overcome, especially for leaders who come from a non-therapy background. This is why many successful programs rely on a partnership with dedicated therapy contracting services.

This is an organization that specializes in providing outsourced therapy services and has the specialized knowledge and resources to help hospitals deliver the exceptional care they deserve. Therapy contracting services can provide:

  • Recruiting and staffing support to hire the best talent
  • Training and development to keep your program in line with the latest best practices
  • Compliance support to stay on top of regulatory changes in the industry
  • Strategic partnership to help your program provide the widest range of services to your patients

To achieve your patient care goals for your program, you need to find a therapy contracting services partner with experience, knowledge and most importantly, the ability to build a productive, mutually beneficial relationship.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can help you reach the next level of patient care

We have decades of experience in the therapy services field and an entire team of experts who are dedicated to helping hospitals streamline their services while keeping patients firmly at the center of the experience. We also have state-of-the-art proprietary health information and workflow systems to help you put these ideas into practice.

To learn more about how we can help and to receive an assessment of your current therapy program, contact us today.