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Should you outsource postoperative rehab?

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No matter what the specific procedure or purpose is, surgery is a highly invasive form of treatment that requires a significant healing and recovery period. One of the best ways to ensure a positive outcome and a return to daily activities for patients is to begin the postoperative rehabilitation process as soon as possible after the procedure.  

For hospitals performing inpatient surgery, this generally means having a physical therapy and rehabilitation program on site. This allows for better interfacing between therapists and other medical staff to offer a better patient experience that can potentially be reflected in higher satisfaction scores and reduced readmissions.  

Postoperative rehab challenges and outsourcing as a solution

The challenge that many hospitals face, especially smaller facilities with limited budgets, is that providing postoperative rehabilitation on site is very difficult to do on a cost-effective basis. Some hospitals may even think it is easier to refer patients to an off-site facility to begin the rehabilitation process. Common hurdles that hospitals face in delivering postoperative rehab include:  

  • Hiring qualified and credentialed therapists
  • Staying up-to-date with best practices and regulatory changes
  • Strategic planning and training to offer new therapy programs to patients
  • Performance management  
  • Marketing services to patients  
  • Maximizing revenue streams with proper documentation and coding

Managing a postoperative rehab unit can be an administrative burden for hospitals that are already thin on resources for their core service lines. This is where outsourcing postoperative rehab and other therapy services can be highly beneficial. Outsourcing organizations, or contract therapy providers, can focus completely on delivering an exceptional level of care to patients that hospitals can outsource on a scale that fits their operational and budgetary needs.  

Alliance ” your postoperative rehab outsourcing partner

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is proud to be able to help hospitals of all sizes and in all locations meet the needs of their patients while achieving their performance benchmarks. We are a national leader in the contract therapy field and have satisfied partners across the United States that we've been helping for decades. Working with us offers your facility top-level expertise, proven systems of work, unparalleled compliance support and access to a high-performing recruiting network.  

To learn more about how we can help you achieve your postoperative rehab goals, contact us today. We can perform an assessment of your current therapy program and your potential service needs.  

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