Selling a Physical Therapy Practice

Selling a Physical Therapy Practice? Join Our Network Instead

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed with administrative tasks, dwindling referrals, and compliance issues that prevent you from focusing on your patients and have considered selling a physical therapy practice?  The team at Alliance Physical Therapy Partners has a solution.  In return for ownership of your company’s assets, we provide immediate financial benefit that allows you to take equity out of the practice to grow wealth while keeping a continued interest in the business.  You still lead and manage your practice with the security of a salary in addition to quarterly distributions.

Talk to Alliance before Selling a Physical Therapy Practice

Although small practice owners are facing a number of problems, there are none greater than competing against large hospital groups that keep expanding services to include physical therapy thus reducing your physician referrals.  To solve this problem, you need capital as well as the expertise to market your business if you are to survive.  Alliance offers all this and more by partnering with a network of practice owners to provide the consultative advice, managed services, and capital required to support their success.

Joining our Alliance gives you the resources to not only strengthen your brand but to collaborate with a team focused on helping you expand your access to patients. In addition we provide economies of scale and support from things such as group health insurance benefits, legal support, and professional development.  We also help reduce your administrative burden by managing your payroll, benefits, worker’s compensation, recruitment and much more.

The team at Alliance invites you to get the best of all worlds – provide the optimal care for your patients and employees while getting the support to ensure your success.  Contact us if you’re considering selling a physical therapy practice.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners was built on the idea that when practices have the capital, support and talent they need to grow – the sky is the limit for success. By offering valuable tools and resources, we let you to focus on patient care, while we provide marketing strategies along with financial support and assistance with administrative tasks, compliance, human resource solutions and more. Start building an Alliance – Contact us before selling a physical therapy practice.

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