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Quality improvement issues in health care and your physical therapy department

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Improving the overall quality of care, particularly as it pertains to patient safety, should be a top priority for any hospital leader. This is just as true for your physical therapy department as it is for any other service line. Patients recovering from any health issue that requires a hospital stay can benefit from receiving physical therapy to increase functioning and promote the body's natural healing process.

Ensuring positive outcomes requires addressing any gaps in quality between what your patients are actually receiving and what they should receive. Closing these gaps in physical therapy can be a challenge for many hospital administrators, especially if their background lies outside this allied health discipline.

To ensure quality improvement issues in physical therapy are properly identified and effective action is taken, a dedicated physical therapy services organization can serve as an effective partner.

How a physical therapy partner can help you address important quality improvement issues in health care

The right partner can assess your physical therapy department to identify quality improvement issues including:

  • Preventable errors ” Preventable errors include patients receiving the wrong treatment due to a clerical error, or therapists not being properly trained in a particular service.
  • Workflow inefficiency ” Problems such as redundant tasks, outdated systems and communication breakdowns can be a drain on productivity and patient care.
  • Compliance issues ” Falling behind on regulations can result in costly fines and denied claims that increase costs and detract from your overall level of service.

By identifying the quality improvement issues that are most affecting your physical therapy program, a partner can help you develop a strategy to properly address them.

Work with the experienced quality improvement experts

With decades of experience and satisfied clients across the country, Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can help your hospital deliver the exceptional care your patients deserve. We'll help you balance patient satisfaction, staff engagement and administrative efficiency to help your program be cost effective without sacrificing quality.

Learn more and schedule a detailed assessment of your physical therapy program when you contact us today.