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Proximal stability for distal mobility: What it means and how PT can help you achieve it

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In the physical therapy industry, there is a saying that goes proximal stability before distal mobility. What this saying means is that our proximal regions on the body, aka the core, must have good strength and mobility before our distal regions can perform well. The distal regions include extremities like arms and legs that extend from the core.

The two go hand in hand, and one is often evaluated by physical therapists in conjunction with the other. Keep reading to learn more about how physical therapy can help you achieve stability and mobility in your midline and your distal region.

How does physical therapy help you achieve proximal stability for distal mobility?

  • Improves core strength ” During physical therapy sessions, specialists will work on improving patients' core strength through a variety of strength-building movements. Exercises that target your abdominal muscles might include the dead bug and abdominal bridges. These are just two examples of the types of movements that can help improve distal mobility.
  • Improves stability and function ” If you have limited distal mobility, meaning a limited range of motion in your limbs, the goal of your physical therapist will likely be to create a treatment plan for improved flexibility, stability and function in your limbs. It is important to first address the flexibility, stability and function in your core. If you do, better limb function will likely follow.

Alliance PTP is ready to help you find top-notch PT for achieve proximal stability for distal mobility

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we're proudly bringing together physical therapy practices across the country to help people get the high-quality PT they need. Want to see a physical therapist in person? We can put you in touch with an Alliance PTP partner that's close to you and that can help you address your proximal stability for better distal mobility.

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