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Episode 9: Addressing the 90% Problem

Episode 9: Addressing the 90% Problem
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Addressing the 90 problem
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Wed, 11/02/2022 - 09:42

Richard Leaver, PT
Richard Leaver
Chief Executive Officer

In this podcast titled, “Outpatient Physical Therapy:  Addressing the 90% problem” we speak to Scott Hebert.  Scott is the Director of Product management for WebPT, the nation’s leading rehab therapy software platform and the co-founder of Strive Labs.

Our discussion with Scott Hebert focuses on:

  • What is the ‘90% problem’
  • The main reasons for why we only end up seeing a very small proportion of people who have MSK disorders and could benefit from physical therapy
  • The perception of PT problem
  • What we need to do to start addressing the 90% problem

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