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Episode 22: Managing the Proposed CMS Fee Schedule Cuts

Episode 22: Managing the Proposed CMS Fee Schedule Cuts
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Managing the pta payment cut
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Wed, 11/02/2022 - 10:17

Richard Leaver, PT
Richard Leaver
Chief Executive Officer

Lindsey Nicholson, PT
Lindsey Nicholson, PT
Vice President of Operations

Tiffany Warden, MLS, CPC, CPCO
Tiffany Warden
Corporate Compliance Officer

Patrick Slotman, DPT
Patrick Slotman, DPT
Vice President of Integrations

In this podcast titled, “Managing The Proposed CMS Fee Schedule Cuts" we speak to Tiffany Warden, Lindsey Nicholson and Patrick Slotman.  Tiffany currently serves as the Clinical Compliance Officer at Alliance Physical Therapy.  Lindsey is the Vice President of Clinical Operations at Alliance Physical Therapy Partners.  Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is a leader in outpatient physical therapy.  
 Our discussion focuses on:

  • What are the proposed payment reductions currently planned to take place at the start of 2022. 
  • The background and current situation as it pertains to the proposed 2022 Medicare 
  • Physician Fee Schedule and the implementation of a payment differential for PTAs and OTAs in 2022
  • What does it mean for the clinician and how the payment differential is applied
  • The likelihood of other payors following the payment reductions being introduced by CMS
  • How clinicians can manage and mitigate the payment reductions   
  • Tactics and strategies to offset the lower reimbursement levels

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