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Physical therapy for small hospitals: how contract services can help

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More than any other type of facility, small hospitals face numerous obstacles to delivering high quality physical therapy services. With smaller management teams, smaller staff and less resources, it can be a struggle to maintain proper staffing levels, manage performance, accurately document services and stay on top of advances in the industry. This is especially true of critical access facilities that are subsidized to serve rural and remote areas.  

However, patients who come to small hospitals for care are just as deserving of physical therapy and rehabilitation services as those who go to larger facilities. What's more, a successful physical therapy program can be a contributor to patient satisfaction and revenue for your facility. One solution that a high number of small hospitals turn to is using contract therapy services from a dedicated physical therapy organization.  

Contract physical therapy for small hospitals

When seeking high quality physical therapy for small hospitals, administrators who work with contract therapy providers can leverage the larger-scale knowledge and resources of this organization to develop an effective program that meets their budget. Here are some of the potential benefits that contract physical therapy can offer a small hospital:  

  • Recruiting, hiring and staffing support
  • Performance management with proven systems of work
  • Increased compliance strength for accurate billing and revenue growth
  • Assistance with program growth, marketing and interfacing with staff for continuity of care

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we work with hospitals across the country, including small hospitals and critical access facilities, to deliver an exceptional package of contract physical therapy services that can meet a wide range of operational and budgetary needs.  

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can help hospitals small and large

If you're a small hospital looking to develop or grow your physical therapy offerings, Alliance can help. We offer turnkey solutions for recruiting, personnel management, regulatory compliance, marketing and strategic growth that can be scaled to the exact needs of your facility.  

We're also proud to offer a rehab performance management software that is industry-specific and designed to work with all major health information systems. This proprietary tool creates efficiencies with documentation, reduces denials and improves productivity.  

To learn more, contact Alliance today. Our team is happy to provide an assessment of your current program so we can better determine the right services for your needs.  

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