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Physical therapy providers: how to find a partner you can trust

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Operating a physical therapy department is filled with unique challenges that can be difficult to overcome. Even successful departments with highly trained clinicians can feel like meeting their departmental goals is a struggle. From strategic planning to human resources to marketing, many physical therapy providers wish they could have support in these areas to allow them to focus on what matters most ” helping patients.

This is where Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can help. We offer hospitals support in key business areas, so you can grow and thrive without sacrificing your autonomy as a provider. Our partner hospitals can grow in a way that's right for them, leveraging the operational knowledge and proven work systems of a dedicated physical therapy organization.

Alliance can offer the following support to our partners

Therapy departments who join with us can expect a high degree of support and resources in areas that physical therapy providers often need assistance with, including:

  • Direct marketing support
  • Health information software integration
  • Recruiting support
  • Professional development
  • Strategic management
  • Compliance support

Our solutions are turnkey, and satisfied providers who have joined us have found a high amount of value from our services. We're committed to ensuring that the physical therapy providers who join our team remain autonomous and receive all the necessary support to thrive in their markets.

For physical therapy providers who are looking to reach the next level

Physical therapy departments have specialized operational needs, and Alliance offers industry-leading expertise and more than 50 years of experience in this field. Putting our practices into place can result in increased patient volume, decreased administrative processes and higher compliance that can result in increased reimbursement from payers.

When you join us, you're gaining a true partner that believes in collaboration and building relationships that are like family. If you'd like to learn more about growing your hospital therapy programs, please contact us today.