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A physical therapy partner: not an independent contractor

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Administering a physical therapy department that meets patient needs while also meeting the ever-tightening budgetary constraints faced by hospitals today is no small task. Whether you're a large facility in an urban area or a critical access hospital that is more remotely located, your patients deserve the same level of care. However, for executives who have to manage multiple service lines without a therapy-specific background, physical therapy programs can be especially challenging. While one potential solution is using an independent contractor physical therapist, there are other options. Leveraging the resources, experience and knowledge of an organization that specializes in physical therapy can provide a whole range of key advantages, including the ability to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

What the right physical therapy partner can do for you

How can a therapy partner help your facility overcome obstacles and reach critical objectives? In these important ways:

  • Assessing your program ” From identifying opportunities for improved efficiency to expansion of services, a physical therapy partner should always start with a comprehensive evaluation.
  • Performing compliance and billing support functions ” Staying within regulatory bounds and receiving full and timely reimbursement from payers requires highly specialized knowledge and resources.
  • Providing staffing support ” Physical therapy organizations can provide access to top recruiting networks and help you prioritize staffing needs.

If your goals are increased patient satisfaction, increased efficiency, increased revenue and decreased expenses for your physical therapy program, you need a committed partner who shares and knows how to achieve them. While an independent contractor physical therapist can help in the short term, a dedicated physical therapy organization can help you achieve long-term success.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners

For our growing family of hospital partners across the country, Alliance Physical Therapy Partners brings more than 50 years of industry expertise to the table. Our range of services can be customized to any size facility and budget to help provide better patient outcomes while meeting operational requirements. We also offer proprietary management software that is designed to interface with all major EMR systems. To schedule your initial assessment with one of our experts to identify areas of opportunity in your program, contact us today.