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Physical therapy management is essential to patient care

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For patients receiving inpatient care for a wide range of injuries and conditions, physical therapy is a key part of the recovery process. The sooner patients receive needed treatment from a licensed therapist, the better their chances are for increased function and a return to daily activities.

However, as a hospital administrator, you undoubtedly understand that physical therapy programs have unique operations, compliance, billing and staffing requirements. For some facilities, it can feel like the needs of a department don't scale with larger budgetary needs of the hospital. Some hospitals can even find themselves in a position of questioning the overall feasibility of offering on-site physical therapy.

Hospitals looking to improve their physical therapy management can turn to the help of a company with an exclusive focus in this area. By taking advantage of the resources one of these organizations can offer, hospital physical therapy programs can realize a host of important advantages.

Tangible benefits of working with a physical therapy management partner

A qualified physical therapy partner can help your hospital:

  • Increase revenue and decrease expenses ”As a billable service, physical therapy has unique requirements for documentation and reimbursement. By implementing best practices, your department can decrease costly errors and increase accepted claims.
  • Improve patient satisfaction ” Receiving physical therapy during recovery can be associated with patients reporting better outcomes and more positive experiences.
  • Reduce readmissions ” By increasing recovery rates, physical therapy can decrease the chances that patients will require readmission because of functional impairment.

Proper guidance allows hospitals to better determine their needs and facilitate improved operations, compliance, communication systems and recruitment.

An experienced physical therapy management partner you can trust

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners brings decades of proven experience in physical therapy management to the table. Our depth of expertise and resources make us the partners that many hospitals turn to when they want to provide a higher level of services to their patients.

We have the people and know-how to identify opportunities and add services that better meet your departmental needs. The Alliance team can assess your current performance while offering solutions for future growth and efficiency. Contact us today to learn more.

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