Physical Therapy Billing

Physical Therapy Billing Allows You to Focus on Patient Care

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can assist you to find the best physical therapy billing solution for your practice, freeing you up to focus on what you do best –patient care!  We recognize it is critical to your success to process claims quickly and accurately and receive reimbursement in a timely fashion but also know it is becoming more complicated than ever to accomplish on your own. Partnering with our team of professionals offers your practice immediate financial and strategic assistance, and provides you all of the tools and resources necessary to grow your business.

Experienced Managed Services Include Physical Therapy Billing

Whether you are a lone practitioner or a practice owner, there are many benefits to joining the Alliance network. Being in private practice can be lonely as it requires you to handle a whole host of administrative tasks that distract you from your professional goals. Not only is the billing for physical therapy services time-consuming but current reporting and documentation requirements all take time away from your ability to concentrate on patient care and the building of your practice.

Along with physical therapy billing consulting, Alliance offers a range of managed services including payroll, benefits, workers’ compensation, marketing, technology and more.  You will discover that joining a network also offers other benefits that can increase efficiency and profitability as well as access to knowledge sharing of best practices from other network practices

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners helps you to get out from under the burden of administrative tasks and lets you focus on preserving and enhancing your brand to truly lead your practice. Experience shows us that when practice owners band together and form an alliance, they are stronger than when they go it alone.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners was built on the idea that when practices have the capital, support and talent they need to grow – the sky is the limit for success. By offering unlimited tools and resources, we let you to focus on patient care while we provide marketing strategies along with financial support and assistance with administrative tasks, compliance, human resource solutions and more. We invite you to take the first step in building an Alliance by contacting us for more information on all our services including physical therapy billing consulting. 

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