Human Resources Support

Reduce your PT practice’s administrative burden with HR support

Administrative duties can distract you from growing your practice and providing patient-centered care. With Alliance, you’ll have access to a PEO that gives you world-class health benefits and support leaving you to do what you do best- helping to improve the lives of your patients.

How can a PEO help your practice?

A PEO is a Professional Employer Organization that provides outsourced human resources services such as employee benefits, payroll and workers’ compensation, recruiting, risk management, and training and development. Many full-service PEOs also offer a depth of experience, sophisticated service and a wide array of employees benefits that many small companies could not otherwise afford.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners utilizes Oasis, one of the largest PEOs in the nation, to administer benefits to partner practices. When you join Alliance, you become part of a larger network of more than 6,000 employers, giving you access to the highest rated health benefits such as medical and life insurance, 401k, and workers’ compensation. You’ll benefit from the economies of scale that come from a network of 260,000 employees for optimal coverage.

The benefits of a PEO are numerous, including:

Reduce administrative burden and improve efficiency

Partnering with a PEO offers economies of scale, a high level of HR process expertise and the ability to leverage a variety of business partners to help reduce costs. A PEO will provide comprehensive payroll, employee benefits and administrative services to keep your staff focused on providing excellent care to your patients.

You’ll get a team of benefit specialists who offer full support for benefits administration from start to finish. They’ll help guide your employees, tracking employee eligibility for both new employees and annual enrollment, COBRA administration, invoice reconciliation and payment.

In addition to providing employee benefits, Oasis also provides support for Healthcare Reform including plan administration, required government reporting, administration and employee communications.

Attract and retain quality employees

Growing your practice requires having the right talent in place. With world-class benefits programs, Alliance can help you level the playing field with any Fortune 500 company. New employee hires will receive professional orientation materials to get them up-to-speed fast and efficiently. Your key employees will also have access to growth and development tools to help develop their skills and keep them engaged in the practice. Improve your employee morale, lower turnover and enhance productivity through the efficiencies that a PEO provides.

Mitigating risk and workplace safety

Maintaining compliance with the abundance of regulations in today’s health care landscape can be a large burden on a practice. A PEO will provide a team of risk consultants that can assist in creating a safe working environment while bearing full liability for workers’ compensation. You’ll get access to Employee Practices Liability Insurance risk and safety support and proactive claims processing while providing a safer workplace, decreased business interruption and lower legal costs.

When you have a single-source provider for all your employee-related administrative needs, you and your team can focus on what you do best.  Take advantage of the size, strength and relationships with leading benefits providers by partnering with Alliance Physical Therapy Partners. Want to learn more? Contact us.

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