Contract Therapy Services

Creating winning partnerships 

The Alliance Physical Therapy Partners team works alongside our contract therapy clients to build winning physical rehabilitation programs and contract therapy programs. Our contract therapy services include contract staffing, practice management and contract physical therapy consulting services that enable exceptional patient care and outstanding practice performance. Our results have made our contract therapy services quite popular with healthcare providers and employers. Contact us at (616) 356-5000 or email us for more information on how we can help your organization.

Top Five Reasons to Outsource Your Rehabilitation Services

Labor Costs

By outsourcing labor, you create opportunities to reduce other administrative positions and costs.

Strategic marketing

Marketing is a key component in driving your business forward. We’ll help market the therapy services that are aligned with your plans for growth.

Patient Satisfaction

Outsourcing to a company with a narrow-minded focus leads to specialized care and improved quality of patient care.


Keeping up with all of the changes in healthcare is demanding enough. Outsourcing to a company with specific knowledge and a proven track record allows you to focus on your core business.

Program Development

Long-term strategic partnerships with service providers introduce new market opportunities. With the motivation to earn your business, vendors must be innovative and competitive.

Clinic and business experience that spans the continuum of care

One of the hallmarks of our contract therapy services is uncompromising client service. We focus on optimizing your performance, effectiveness and compliance – including eliminating the typical inconsistencies in patient referrals, contract physical therapy patient scheduling, documentation, change capture training, performance reporting, audit systems and other operational areas.

Our contract therapy services team has the expertise and tools to put contract physical therapy, contract occupational therapy and speech pathology back in your profit picture – or help take your existing physical therapy program to the next level. We invite you to be as involved as you want to be in your contract therapy program. Our track record can also give you the confidence to let us handle it for you. Including compliance. Ethics. Changing regulations. All the serious stuff.

It’s no secret that advanced data management tools are powerful performance drivers. That’s why we’re leaders in developing cutting-edge contract physical therapy rehabilitation that deliver all the key data points – including detailed billing, outcomes, and RUGs reports – that can make your physical therapy and practice management more effective than ever.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners tailors each contract therapy services program to fit your needs. Need management and staffing? We do that. Need management only? That’s us too. We’re your experienced and dedicated friend in the field, and our flexible definition of partnership means taking the exact approach that will meet and exceed your contract physical therapy, clinical and financial expectations.

Contact Therapy Services

Flexible Contract Models

From comprehensive practice management arrangements to specialized performance management contracts.

Proven system of work

Our services feature a unique blend of clinical expertise, innovative technology, and reproducible workflows to achieve stronger, more predictable financial performance.

Proprietary Software

Our integrated system, designed by clinicians, for clinicians, is designed to drive optimal, consistent performance.

Contact us today to learn more about our contract therapy management services. Ask about scheduling a baseline assessment to find out where you stand – and how Alliance Physical Therapy Partners contract therapy services can help you.

Request an assessment of your therapy department. Email us or call us at (800) 876-1041.