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Physical therapy administration and management: Components of success

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In terms of improving patient satisfaction and outcomes for a wide range of patient needs, physical therapy plays an essential part of care. From helping the body start the healing process after an injury or surgery to beginning to regain basic range of motion, patients who receive physical therapy during a hospital stay receive a number of specific benefits. To ensure that therapists are able to effectively perform this function, it is the job of hospital leaders to deliver physical therapy administration and management that drives efficiency and helps maintain cost effectiveness. Balancing operations with the need for best patient care is at the heart of any hospital leader's job and this particularly applies to physical therapy.

A physical therapy services partner can help you in these key areas

The highly specialized nature of physical therapy administration and management is the reason why many hospitals elect to work with a dedicated organization. Working with a partner gives hospitals the ability to leverage the knowledge and resources of a provider that works exclusively in this area. Some of the most important administrative and operational areas a physical therapy partner can help your hospital with include:

  • Workflow assistance ” A specialized partner can help implement proven practices to streamline your departmental practices and better interface with patients and other hospital staff.
  • Compliance support ” Physical therapy management and administration partners have the specialized knowledge needed to stay in line with industry regulations.
  • Program expansion ” Making important decisions regarding adopting new services in a profitable capacity can be easier with the right help.
  • Recruiting and development ” A specialized partner can also provide access to talent networks and best practices in training and staff development.

Find out how Alliance can help you

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we bring more than 50 years of industry-specific experience to the table. We serve hospitals large and small, urban and rural, with trusted and proven physical therapy management and administration services. To find out how we can help you, reach out to us today. We'll be happy to provide a thorough assessment of your program to help determine the solutions that will help you.

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