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Physical therapists may include these 3 shoulder impingement exercises in your home exercise plan

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Shoulder impingement is one of the most common types of shoulder pain. It accounts for nearly half of all reports of shoulder pain. Shoulder impingement is an upper extremity condition that is often painful. It occurs when tendons or bursae rub on a shoulder blade or neighboring tissue or bone. It can be extremely disruptive to daily life for some, and if left untreated, it can lead to more serious conditions.

3 exercises physical therapists may include in a shoulder impingement home exercise plan

If you're considering physical therapy for shoulder impingement, take a look at some of the exercises we've listed down below. These and more are some movements that your therapist may incorporate into your treatment plan for at-home exercise.

  1. Door frame exercise ” This type of exercise is a stretch that targets your chest and shoulder regions to loosen tendons and muscles in the upper extremity region. It requires that you stand in a doorway or door frame and place your arms on each side of the frame. Move your body forward slightly while keeping your arms on the frame so that you feel stretching in your upper body.
  1. Arm cross exercise ” This exercise is also a stretching one. To complete this exercise, hold one arm up at a 90-degree angle so that your elbow is bent and your fist is up toward the sky. Then, take hold of your elbow with your opposite hand and pull it toward your body so that you can feel your shoulder stretch.
  1. Shoulder squeeze ” To do this exercise, you can stand or lie on your stomach. Next, make sure your arms are straight down by your sides. Then, push your shoulders back so that your shoulder blades come close to touching and your chest is pushed out.

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