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A partner for your hospital's physical therapy and rehabilitation services

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As a hospital leader, you're undoubtedly well aware of the difficulties that so often come with administering a physical therapy and rehabilitation program. Staying compliant with ever-changing regulations, keeping up with the latest advances in the field, and recruiting and retaining a high-performing team all require specialized knowledge and dedicated resources. With hospital budgets seeming to get tighter every year, it can feel particularly challenging to provide the care patients need on a cost-effective basis.

Yet hospital rehab is an extremely important service line that helps patients recover from any number of injuries and conditions. Numerous studies have demonstrated that patients who receive physical therapy can benefit from stronger muscles, improved range of motion and increased blood flow that can all promote a faster recovery and improve long-term health. Receiving rehab in the hospital setting means patients can start to see these gains earlier in the recovery process.

How a physical therapy and rehab partner can help your hospital

For hospitals that recognize the importance of high-quality physical therapy and rehabilitation, but face hurdles to managing their programs on an efficient basis, the right partner can be a critical ally. By leveraging the experience, concentrated expertise and resources of a dedicated physical therapy and rehab organization, hospitals can get the support they need for their therapy departments. This includes the following areas:

  • Compliance support ”Staying on top of the latest changes in the regulatory environment for physical therapy requires access to experienced professionals who can help you avoid penalties and increase reimbursements.
  • Strategic planning ”By assessing your current offerings and patient population, a partner organization can help you expand your services to help more people receive the latest treatments.
  • Recruiting and staff development ” From access to top talent networks to implementing training programs, the right partner can help you build a high-performing team built for long-term success.

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we've been building decades-long relationships with hospitals across the country as we work to develop successful physical therapy and rehabilitation programs. We can help you improve patient experience, lower costs and increase revenue to make your physical therapy department a positive net contributor to your hospital.

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