Our Approach in Physical Therapy

Live your dream with the support and resources you need to grow your practice

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners’ approach is to create opportunities for practice owners to realize their dreams by offering the support and resources needed to make personal and financial goals a reality.

Immediate financial benefit and support

When practice owners partner with Alliance, they receive an immediate payout when the acquisition is complete – providing the cash needed to make personal dreams a reality. At Alliance, we share the growth. Partners retain a portion of their business value in B-shares, allowing them to benefit from the growth of the practice through quarterly distributions. As more practices join Alliance, the value of the entire network increases – raising the value of all shares. And in the event of a public sale, practice owners receive a financial benefit once more.

A team that’s got your back

When practices join Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, they not only receive a substantial financial benefit, they also gain access to a team of professionals experienced in acquisitions, compliance, technology, direct marketing and strategic growth of physical therapy practices.

Each practice owner benefits from additional capital and resources available to expand and increase its influence in the community. From compliance and human resources support to direct marketing and acquisition strategy, our practices get the assistance they need to grow and improve their business.

Maintain your brand and your key employees

The practices in our alliance have worked hard to develop their own brand and we understand the importance of maintaining a consistent identity and presence in the community. Alliance practices maintain their brand while gaining access to experts experienced in direct-to-consumer marketing to help them grow their presence and referrals.

Employee retention and development is highly valued at Alliance. Practice owners continue to lead their practice so they can have a say in how their team is managed and compensated. They also gain access to valuable resources to assist with recruiting new talent and developing key employees.

Reduced administrative burden

Administrative duties can distract practices from growing the business and providing patient-centered care. With Alliance, practice employees receive first-class health benefits with the assistance of a PEO to reduce administrative burden. They also gain the support of a team of human resources experts to manage employee benefits and onboarding, 401k and workers’ compensation.

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