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Occupational therapy: should you outsource?

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For hospital patients recovering from any number of illnesses, injuries or conditions, special care is often required to help a patient return to normal activities. For example, if someone is permanently or temporarily disabled due to an automobile accident, they will need to be retrained to be able to perform basic functions such as bathing or driving a car.  

This is where an occupational therapist comes in. Occupational therapy is a field that helps people develop, recover or maintain the basic functions and tasks of everyday life. This is a highly specialized discipline that is an essential step in the recovery process for many patients dealing with impaired functioning and mobility.  

For many hospitals, providing occupational therapy on a cost-effective basis is difficult. One solution is using an outsourced occupational therapy provider with the expertise to help hospitals overcome the operational challenges that come with this service line.    

Advantages of outsourcing occupational therapy services

As a specialized discipline, occupational therapy has its own requirements for licensing and accreditation, regulatory compliance, coding and billing. Managing an occupational therapy program can mean a significant investment in time and resources for hospital administrators who may already feel stretched thin properly overseeing other departments.  

A contract occupational therapy partner can bring the following advantages and resources to the table:

  • A knowledgeable compliance team
  • Resources and systems for documentation, coding and billing  
  • Workflow, training and performance management support
  • Expertise for strategic planning and expansion of service offerings

It's important to remember that outsourcing occupational therapy successfully requires a true partner who will help you build or restructure a program that is right for the needs of your hospital.  

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is proud to have more than 50 years of experience building collaborative partnerships with hospitals across the United States. We offer solutions that are custom-designed for the budgetary and operational needs of our partners.  

To learn more about how we can help you, please contact our team today. We are glad to assess your current therapy programs and provide recommendations for services that meet your needs.