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Managing Your Therapy Department

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Managing Your Therapy Department  with a Private Practice Mentality

What is a Hybrid? The definition can vary depending on if you are talking about plants, animals, cars or business models, but common to all would be the process of combining two different things into something new. How is this idea of a Hybrid relevant to running and managing your therapy program? Let me explain.

When we look at outpatient therapy, there are predominantly two different players competing, hospital rehabilitation departments and private practice clinics. Both strive to provide for the rehabilitation needs in their community and although there are similarities in how they do this, there are also distinct differences.

Similarities often include:

  • General delivery and philosophy of care
  • Clinical specialty services like sports rehab, women's health, concussion or spine specific programs
  • Both provide service to hospital employed referral sources

Differences may include:

  • Non-profit versus For-profit
  • Insurance participation - Most private practice clinics don't see Medicaid or other poor reimbursing plans
  • Marketing - Often, private practice market themselves as more convenient, lower cost and higher quality than hospitals
  • Productivity expectations and operating hours

You could list others but the point is this - both rehab delivery systems have advantages and disadvantages. So which is better? The answer is BOTH! This unique and shared perspective has allowed us to be very successful with our hospital clients. By blending these two systems, we offer a hybrid therapy program which combines strengths from each platform and delivers significant improvements in key areas such as patient satisfaction, productivity, referral management and increased revenue. Let Alliance Physical Therapy Partners help you improve your therapy services through a hybrid therapy program.

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