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The Key Factors Driving Patient Satisfaction

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Key Factors Driving Patient Satisfaction in Outpatient Physical Therapy

Thought Leadership: From the CEO's Desk

Image removed.Richard Leaver, Alliance PTP CEO - To grow the outpatient physical therapy business, we must understand what drives patient satisfaction. Satisfied patients are more likely to return to our clinics and recommend friends and family. Long term viability is dependent upon building strong relationships with both our referral sources and the community.

It may come as some surprise that the patient's clinical outcome has little correlation with patient satisfaction. What is most important is not the clinical skills of the practitioner, but the behaviors demonstrated by the entire team who interact with the patient.

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, our key drivers to patient satisfaction, are as follows:

  • Friendly attitude and effective communication
  • Empathy, allowing patients to feel they are being listened to and dealt with in a sympathetic and respectful way
  • Adequate duration and frequency of treatment
  • Helpful administrative staff and low waiting times
  • Easy access (location, parking, clinic hours)

There should be nothing stopping use from delivering on such simple drivers to maximize our patient experience and satisfaction.

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