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Improving patient safety and quality of care: five ideas for your physical therapy program

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Patient safety and quality of care are two of the most fundamental concerns for anyone in health care. Since the goal of any type of treatment is to improve overall health and quality of life, keeping the people under your care safe almost goes without saying. And the higher the quality of care is, the better the chance of a patient having a positive outcome.

This is just as true for your physical therapy program as it is for any other service line if you're a hospital leader. To improve patient safety and quality of care in hospital-based physical therapy, many facilities turn to organizations with a specialized focus in this field. For a clearer picture of how exactly a physical therapy partner can help, we're happy to share the following information.

Practical ideas for improving patient safety and quality of care in physical therapy

A partner with a focused background in physical therapy can help your department in a number of ways that positively impact both patient safety and quality of care. Here are some proven ideas that are commonly recommended:

  1. Recruit and retain good people ” Patient safety requires a vigilant and engaged team. By hiring talented and experienced people and developing an environment that lowers turnover rates, you can improve overall patient experience.
  2. Educate your staff ” Even the best staff of therapists needs to work in a culture that emphasizes safety and quality of care. A management partner can help you put the right training and development systems in place.
  3. Plug compliance holes ” Compliance isn't just about paperwork; the regulations and standards in physical therapy exist to create a safer and better treatment environment. Truly committing to a compliance strategy will ultimately benefit your patients.
  4. Upgrade your systems ” Slow, outdated and incompatible software, and disorganized workflows aren't going to help your patients receive the care they need and can potentially increase safety risks.
  5. Offer the latest services ” Your department should also be up to date on the latest evidence-based practices in your field. Continually growing and developing your physical therapy program can have a positive effect on outcomes.

To get the most out of these ideas, you need a partner who will work to understand the unique needs of your hospital and customize the solutions for your department.

Alliance has the workable solutions your hospital needs

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we believe in building long-term relationships that are built on trust, respect and honest communication. We want everything we do to stay laser focused on patient experience, quality of care, safety and positive outcomes. To learn more about how we can help, you can schedule a comprehensive assessment of your program with one of our experts. Contact us today.

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