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The importance of in-house therapy and how contract services can help

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For hospitals, providing therapy services in-house is a key part of patient care and, if managed properly, can also be a net revenue contributor to your facility. As a hospital leader, you undoubtedly know that the sooner in the recovery process that patients receive physical therapy and rehabilitation, the better chance they have of a full and speedy recovery. However, you are also sure to understand the many challenges and obstacles that are faced by in-house therapy departments in delivering care.

This is particularly true for smaller and remotely located facilities, such as critical access hospitals, but it can be just as true for hospitals of any size and location. A solution for many hospitals is to work with a contract therapy provider that can help in-house therapy departments achieve positive results on a level that scales to their patient population and budgetary requirements.

How can contract services help your in-house therapy department?

Therapy services have their own unique management needs compared to other service lines, which can sometimes create obstacles to efficiency for administrators. These challenges include:

  • Meeting shifting demands for staffing, particularly during peak seasons
  • Managing the performance of your staff and training them on current best practices in therapy services
  • Keeping up with a rapidly changing regulatory environment
  • Accurately documenting billable services to payers
  • Integrating new technology to help streamline operations

By working with a dedicated contract therapy service, you can reap the benefits of an organization that has spent years developing and refining effective processes and systems for in-house therapy departments.

Alliance can help your therapy department grow and succeed

From top-quality recruiting networks to proprietary health information software, Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can help your in-house therapy department deliver the exceptional care your patients deserve. We've been in the industry for decades and are proud to have helped hospitals across the United States provide therapy designed to help patients get back to a higher activity level and more enjoyable quality of life. To learn more, reach out today and ask about receiving an assessment of your current therapy department and your strategic goals.