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How Well Are Your Therapy Services Performing?

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How Well Are Your Therapy Services Performing?

Most healthcare facilities and systems have difficulty measuring the performance of their therapy services with the data and reporting available to them. Below are three ways Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can help you measure, understand and improve your overall financial and clinical performance.

Patient Satisfaction

  • Patient wait times
  • Cancellation rates
  • Therapy programs that are meeting the community's needs
  • Quality service measures

Referral Management

  • Systematic process
  • Capturing all your referrals within your system
  • Tracking and reporting


  • Accurate billing practices
  • Job satisfaction, positive moral and motivation
  • Efficiency
  • Documentation

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can provide solutions in all these areas. We have successfully managed rehabilitation programs across the country for fifty years. Contact us today so we can discuss and assess the delivery of your therapy services.

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