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How a physical therapy partner can help your hospital with compliance support

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From billing practices to staff accreditation to protecting patient health information, compliance is one of the top issues that hospitals are focused on in the current health care space. One blind spot for many administrators is keeping allied health services, such as physical therapy departments, compliant. Physical therapy is a discipline with its own unique set of best practices and regulations that require specialized knowledge and experience.

Like any other area, noncompliance in physical therapy can result in decreased patient satisfaction, fines and lower revenue. Unfortunately, because of the specialized nature of the field, a large number of hospital leaders view physical therapy compliance as a hurdle for their facility. This is where organizations that act as dedicated physical therapy partners can offer assistance.

Regulatory issues that physical therapy partners can address

An organization with a focus on physical therapy management for hospitals can offer expertise and specialized knowledge that facilities of any size and budget can leverage. For example, at Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, our team includes dedicated compliance support officers whose only focus is to stay on top of the latest developments in the field.

We can partner with your hospital's physical therapy program to help you better understand topics that are important to compliance, including:

  • Keeping EMR systems in line with regulatory standards
  • Updating unit calculations
  • Maintaining accreditations
  • Learning best practices for training and staff education

Compliance can be overwhelming, but with a physical therapy program partner like Alliance, you can rest assured that your department will be in line with all the necessary regulations.

Learn more about partnering with Alliance

We bring decades of experience in not only compliance, but staffing, workflow efficiency and strategic development to the table. Alliance has built a network of satisfied clients across the United States, including hospitals large and small, urban and rural. By treating our partners like family and providing custom solutions, we can help your physical therapy department improve patient outcomes on a cost-effective basis.

Ready to learn more? Contact us today and talk to our team about scheduling an assessment of your current program and compliance needs.