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How to improve patient satisfaction scores with better physical therapy services

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Hospital-based physical therapy helps patients who are dealing with a wide range of issues find improved functioning and increased range of motion at a critical phase of the recovery process. By receiving inpatient physical therapy, people staying at a hospital can get a jump on the healing process, which can often lead to better outcomes. As a hospital leader, better patient outcomes can equal improved patient satisfaction scores for your facility.

As a specialized allied health discipline, successfully managing a physical therapy department comes with its own set of best practices and industry regulations. If you're trying to improve your hospital's patient satisfaction scores with better physical therapy services, working with an organization that specializes in the industry can help you accomplish this on a cost-effective basis.

A physical therapy partnership for improved patient satisfaction

Delivering exceptional physical therapy services can increase patient satisfaction, but like other service lines, your program needs to be firing on all cylinders. A physical therapy services partner can help you with this in the following ways:

  • Streamlined workflows ” Ensuring that your therapists have the resources they need to do their jobs in an efficient manner means being able to help more patients get the care they need.
  • Expanded services ” Physical therapy is a rapidly advancing field, and your patients can benefit from access to the latest proven treatment options.
  • Patient-centric training and development programs ” To improve patient satisfaction, your team needs to be trained in a manner that keeps them highly focused on keeping their patients firmly at the center of care. Proper training can also help your therapists interface more smoothly with other service lines to provide better continuity of care for your patients.
  • Upgraded software ” Outdated systems can leave a gap for preventable errors and interruptions to service, both of which can detract from overall patient satisfaction. Top physical therapy partners can provide proprietary software that is compatible with major electronic medical records systems.

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we'll work closely with your hospital leadership to ensure your department is positioned to help your facility improve its patient satisfaction score.

Experience the Alliance difference

Our team believes that if you focus on delivering exceptional patient care, then the score will follow. Working with Alliance gives your hospital the ability to leverage more than 50 years of industry-specific experience. We've built long-term relationships with hospitals across the United States, and our satisfied clients can speak to our ability to get results.

To learn more, contact us today. We can schedule a detailed evaluation of your program to determine the areas where we can help you achieve a higher level of patient satisfaction.