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How a contract physical therapy provider can help your facility

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Organizations of all sizes and in every field and industry face challenges in maintaining staffing levels. Recruiting, hiring, training and developing qualified and experienced talent requires patience, persistence and depth of knowledge in the area the organization is seeking to fill.

If you're a hospital administrator, you know that finding physical therapists to staff your inpatient therapy department can be especially challenging. Patients who can begin therapy during their hospital stay enjoy a better chance of a positive outcome and a lower risk of readmission, among other benefits. But achieving these goals means finding therapists who have the right skill sets and personality for your facility.

A contract physical therapy provider can offer many advantages and help you overcome the staffing obstacles faced by your leadership and human resources team.

What challenges can contract physical therapy management help hospitals overcome?

Here are just a few of the hurdles that contract therapy services can help you leap over:

  • Asymmetrical staffing needs ” Every hospital has times of year that are busier than others. Contract physical therapy can help you be fully staffed when you're busy and lean when you're not.
  • Lack of access to talent ” It can be difficult for remotely located or critical access hospitals to recruit qualified and experienced clinicians. A contract therapy services provider can help you bring the right level of experience and qualifications to your hospital.
  • Training and performance management ” If you are offering on-site therapy without dedicated leadership, it can be challenging for administrators outside of the therapy services field to properly train and develop staff. A contract physical therapy provider will come from an organization that handles these needs independently or can provide you with the assistance you need.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners provides industry-leading therapy services

Whether you need assistance with staffing, strategic planning, compliance and billing, or workflow systems, Alliance Physical Therapy Partners has the resources and expertise to help your hospital succeed. We have access to top networks of talent and can help you implement proven systems of work and performance management.

Learn more by contacting us today. We'll be glad to help you with an assessment of your current therapy program and staffing needs.