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How can a physical therapy group help your practice add more clinics?

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If you own a physical therapy brand with multiple clinics or hope to open new clinics in the future, you may want to consider joining a physical therapy group. These private equity companies can help you to source clinics in your area and offer the type of resources that can help you grow.

Below, we’ll discuss how joining a group could help your practice add more physical therapy clinics. Here are some of the benefits you get access to:

1. Business expertise

Many physical therapy groups (including Alliance) have teams of business experts who understand the physical therapy industry and can help you make the smartest financial decisions. Whether it means adding new services to your roster, updating your technology or making changes to your business model, your group’s financial consultants can help you take the right steps toward growth.

Even more importantly, they’ll help you grow your brand’s new clinics from the ground up, ensuring that you make all the right business moves from the start.

2. Hiring experts

New physical therapy clinics need new employees and, unfortunately, you might be too busy managing your existing office to truly focus on hiring. You can save significant time and money by hiring the right people off the bat, and your group will likely help you to identify and recruit those people.

Remember, the average cost of hiring an employee is around $4,000, which is no small expense for a brand-new clinic. If you have the right people helping you hire, you’ll avoid wasting money on hires who don’t work out.

3. Legal assistance 

You need legal assistance to help you open new physical therapy clinics. From dealing with insurance and negotiating on real estate to drafting contracts, legal experts will help to protect you and ensure that you operate within the guidelines of the law as you open your new practice.

Alliance PTP wants to help you open new physical therapy clinics

You’ve worked hard to build your brand and we want to help you grow it. Contact our team today for more information about how we can help your practice or to find out how you can join our partnership in care.